Artist - Mathieu St-Onge

Mathieu St-Onge is a popular artist from Canada who stands out by practicing painting, drawing and other creative disciplines: animation video, vlog, radio, humor, music, poetry, in addition to making television appearances.

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René Lévesque

Matrocités #74 - Église Saint-Eustache

Void / Light # 85

Matrocities #73 - the packages

Visual Art


Buzz Web



Néant / Lumière


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Void / Light #61 - v.2

Second version of this abstract painting, with a complete revision of the colors, in favor of shades of blue.

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Void / Light #1- v.2

A giclee print on canvas of the first Void Light, with color enhancement by hand

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Giclee print of the Little Beast in the Enclosure

This print of a work of art made up of heterogeneous materials, acrylic and medium on reused wooden board has been retouched with acrylic by the artist

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Constable 728 in front of Montreal

Giclee reproduction of the work of the artist Mathieu St-Onge, of constable 728, maple spring and events in 2012.

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Available Paintings

Incan Decency # 5 - Have fun in a reserved area.


Mark of affection

Matrocity - The Service

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Television and Various Projects

Television; Twitch; Patreon; Musical Appreciation; Webseries; Book; Numerical tests; Poetry. ***MOST OF THE ELEMENTS IN THIS SECTION ARE IN FRENCH, THEY ARE THEREFORE NOT LISTED IN THE ENGLISH VERSION OF THIS SITE***

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The Dark,Tormented and Metallic Top 30 of 2019 albums by Mathieu St-Onge

Doc Canada


Since 2011, I shoot videos: vlog, storytelling and painting, humorous sketches, reports, song parodies, cartoons, etc. ***Most of these videos are in French, so they are not listed in the English version of this site***

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Between Mars and Jupiter

Falling in Internet Hell